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Visit Us Online: www.lynnprofessional.com

Visit Us Online: www.lynnprofessional.com

NEW Shernbao
Hurricane Dual Motor Force Dryer

With the Ability to Convert into a Stand Dryer

Shernbao's Hurricane Dual Motor Force Dryer (variable speed) is literally blowing us away!  This dryer has serious power at an affordable price! Air speed can be changed with the twist of a knob.  It has an easy to change filter, elegant polished black surface and contains double clamshell housing to reduce noise and vibration.  This dryer would be perfect as a back-up dryer in your busy salon!

The Hurricane Dryer ALSO has the ability to convert into a stand dryer with the Hard Pipe and Stand Combo.  It is very easy to assemble, click here to >>WATCH OUR VIDEO to see how easy it is! Shernbao's Super Cyclone dryer can also be converted into a stand dryer using the same Hard Pipe and Stand Combo.   

Wall-mount brackets are available for these dryers as well!

*Qualifies for free shipping to most cities in Canada. Rural addresses will be provided with a discounted shipping quote once we receive your order!



Click here to watch our video using the HURRICANE dryer
Click here to watch our video using the SUPER CYCLONE dryer
Click here to watch our video on the conversion to a STAND dryer


Shernbao Hurricane Dryer Sale

Get your Shernbao Hurricane dryer 20% off with the purchase of a Hard Pipe & Stand Combo!

   Click here to view this sale online!

NEW Non-Slip Mats for Tables!

 We now have non-slip mats for large tables and round air-lift tables!  

  • Provides a cushioned support for dogs

  • Non-slip surface

  • Easy to clean (throw in tub or wipe down).  

  • Colorful mats makes it easier to scissor feet and legs, as black table tops make it harder to visualize darker legs on dogs.  

  • $10 off mats with the purchase of a grooming table

Large Non-Slip Mats - 125 x 61 cms, can fit most large tables.  

Round Non-Slip Mats - fit the Shernbao Air-lift tables.  Available in pink and green!
Featured Products


  • Digital LCD screen that lets you know how much time you have before the X-Tron needs to be charged or if your X-Tron even needs some oil

  • 3 Speed options

  • Lithium-Ion battery

  • Smooth cutting, adjustable blade that has 4 lengths, ranging from a 10 Blade to a 40 Blade length

  • Quiet running clipper, ideal for finishings

  • Charge time: 1.5h.

  • Using Time: 150 minutes

PRICE: $199.95


  • Double-sided comb featuring two widths between pins on each side
  • For use while scissoring on a medium to a large dog

  • Glides through coat smoothly 

  • Reduces static in the coat

  • Finishing comb. Not to be used for dematting or removing large matts. 

  • Comb length is 9" 

  • Pin length is 1.3" 

PRICE: $39.95
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              - 7F - Blade length is 3mm
              - 4 in 1 - Blade lengths: 10, 15, 30,                     and 40
              - 5F - Blade length is 6mm

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  • Anti-static properties that allow for effortless brushing 

  • De-matts hair 

  • Volumizing effect allows for a better finish in dense, curly and long coats 

  • Shake well, then spray the area and begin brushing. When using on a wet coat, towel dry first. Then, spray mix and begin brushing, No need to rinse out product. When using on a dry coat, spray directly on the coat and begin to brush. 

  • Can be used as a scissoring spray 


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