Artero – Intensifying Color!

For White, Black, Gray & Brown Coats


How it works:

Intensifying Color is ideal for brightening and highlighting. This product will eliminate yellow tones/stains from white coats.  Apply a small amount in the palm of your hand (the size of a nut), and rub your hands together until a white lather appears (do not apply directly onto coat).  Apply evenly to the damp coat of the animal after cleaning with shampoo. Does not contain washing properties.

100% effective (when used as directed)
(MAXIMUM 3 minutes and rinse well)

When to use it:

This product is especially great for show dogs, although it is very important to follow the instructions to prevent adverse effects.

  • Black coats which are bleached out from the strong rays of the sun
  • Dogs with white legs often have pee stains, this will work on old set in stain as well as fresh staining.
  • Gray coats which have a yellow tinge throughout whether it be from using bluing shampoos constantly.  Highly recommended to switch up your shampoo back and forth from purple to bluing.
  • Intensify is not to be used daily, just periodically.
  • Completely enhances the natural color. Produces shiny and bright results


Click on the YouTube video below to learn more about using Artero’s Intensifying Color:


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